Our Winemaking Philosophy

Practice minimal intervention.
Strive for balanced wines.
Avoid over-ripeness.
Encourage desirable indigenous flora.
Use gentle handling to preserve the delicate nuances of the fruit.
Be judicious in the use of new oak.
Showcase the best of the site/region.
Enjoy the wine with good food and good company.

The Winemaker, Eric Johannsen

Champ de Rêves winemaker Eric Johannsen has over a decade of experience in Pinot Noir winemaking throughout the vineyards of California.

“Anderson Valley is like nowhere else. The region manages to express the quintessential nuance and complexity of Pinot Noir, while at the same time conferring optimal ripeness. Add an epic vineyard with dozens of tiny, unique blocks, and there's plenty of cause for excitement.”— Eric Johannsen

The Winemaker, Eric Johannsen

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