Anderson Valley

Terroir and Culture

As a winegrowing region, there is no other Pinot Noir AVA in America that has more potential. The features of the valley are a Mecca for the cultivation of Pinot: here one finds daily, cooling maritime influence, dramatic geological contours with high mountains on either side of the valley, rocky soils and a mix of classic California flora and trees.

The ensuing range of Pinot Noir flavor profiles and firm structural elements leave no doubt that the Anderson Valley is qualitatively superb.

Culturally, Anderson Valley is entirely unique. Isolated, eccentric, rugged and populated by artists, winegrowers, orchardists and long-time residents, it has its own flavor and a colorful, much-beloved history.

Champ de Rêves

Inspired focus on a single wine

We make only one wine—Pinot Noir. Characterized by aromas and flavors of blue/black fruit, floral and spice elements, earth and a distinct minerality, Champ de Rêves’ calling card is its mouthfeel, which exhibits both a silky textural trait and a firm, gravelly structure that's a testament to its high altitude origins.

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