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Boone Ridge Vineyard

Situated at a lofty elevation (1,300-2,000 feet) above Boonville, the Champ de Rêves vineyard site features a patchwork of small blocks planted to seven different Pinot Noir clones. Decomposed sandstone provides superb drainage and mineral uptake while naturally restricting vine vigor and yields. A dream of a Pinot Noir vineyard, its continued evolution will confer greater complexity to the wines with each new vintage.

Key Blocks

BLOCK 4 - Clone 667 (Dijon) - Steep slope, low vigor, schist, iron oxide, south orientation. Elevation 1420-1500 ft.

BLOCK 12 - Clone 777 (Dijon) - Well drained sandy loam, gentle south-facing orientation. Elevation 1540-1600 ft.

BLOCK 24 - Clone 667 (Dijon) - Loam, southwest orientation. Elevation 1500-1570 ft.

BLOCK 33 - Clone 5 (Pommard) - Shallow loamy soil, southeast orientation. Elevation 1680-1710 ft.

Boone Ridge Vineyard